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A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Radu Afrim

An explosion of passion, colors, erotic tension, power, violence, youth, excitement, music and beauty, incredible authentic beauty on top of Shakespearian genius.
Radu Afrim’s fresh vision of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes you to a beautiful dream where amazing things happen and madness bursts out of true lifelike situations.

Here are a few teasing images taken by the director himself:

and shots from the show:

Photo credits: Radu Afrim, source: Facebook

Direction: Radu Afrim
Set and costumes:
Iuliana Vilsan
Choreography: Florin Fieroiu
Video: Alexandru Condurache
Casting: Doru Aftanasiu, Livia Iorga, Ionut Cornila, Vlad Volf, George Cocos, Andrei Grigore Sava, Loredana Cosovanu, Cosmin Maxim, Anemarie Chertic, Ovidiu Ivan, Cristina Padurariu, Anca Pascu , Alexandra Acalfoae, Diana Roman, Dumitru Nastrusnicu, Horia Verives, Daniel Busuioc, Catalin Mindru, Catalina Antal, Sebastian Albişteanu, Andrei Bibire, Loredana Bran, Daniel Chirilă, Tatiana Grigore, Cristina Hohan, Alex Iuraşcu, Minodora Lungu, Mădălina Munteanu, Amalia Olaru, Iustin Şurpănelu

Last chance to see the show this season is on the 23rd June at TNI.

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