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Between beauty, escapism and desire

Cakes and pools, what do these two have in common? apparently nothing, but I found myself so drawn to Jacinda Russel work, I have recently discovered. Desirable, unattainable, funny and joyous.

Jacinda Russel_Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of WaterAmerican artist, Jacinda Russel thought about bringing together in her art photo series ‘Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of Water’, 2012, a ‘project that’s main premise is beauty, escapism and desire’.
‘Cakes – both real and fake – appeared to make people happy and I wondered, most simply, if they could make me happy too.’ says artist Jacinda Russel

Jacinda Russel_Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of WaterModelling inviting bodies of fake cakes and traveling the country in search for pristine waters and clear pools, artist Jacinda Russel has created ‘a product that commented on the illusion of what is fake and what is real, what is happy and what is sad, and what is desirous but unattainable.’

Jacinda Russel_Nine Fake Cakes & Nine Bodies of Water.via

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