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It seems we are all born free to this world, bare and aware of what we want at all times, it is only the process of growing up that burdens us with clothes that are ridiculously against who we are, as well as constraints and limits that reduce our inner voice to silence. BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs A lot is being said about the creative process, but we hardly ever hear talking about the honest relation of the creator to the result of his creation. We are so driven by the desire to create, we often forget the meaning of our creative drive, ending up in a meaningless though ambitious endeavour. At least so it seems to me since being carried away by the fashion emerging wave.  That’s why my latest clothing design project took a little while to interiorize and justify, and it eventually confirmed my personal beliefs on clothing and what it should mean to me and to those wearing them. BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs Clothes should first and foremost be an extension of our bodies, wearing them we should never be aware of them in an uncomfortable way, but feel as one; the touch and feel should be as natural and liberating as possible. Never wear clothes that are ridiculously embellished as if trying to hide faults. Always feel free and be yourself while wearing them. BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs I hope you relate to my beliefs and enjoy the photographic view of my team: shy and sensitive photographer behind Foto GrafArt, gorgeous model and free spirit, Cristina Elena, together with our friends who bore with us. I thank you all again.
Rue des Trucs-BORN FREE BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs BORN FREE - Rue des Trucs BORN FREE - Rue des TrucsYou cand find out more about my clothing design and shop on my e-boutique.
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