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Newton’s Politically Incorrect Woman

Helmut Newton retrospective exhibition at Grand Palais is as provocative as the great photographer’s work, although he never alleged to have made photography for museum walls.

The huge prints o his nudes and editorial pictures made for Vogue, Elle, Queen Magazine and other glossy magazines, tell the story of the german photographer along with his philosophy quotes.

‘Je ne peux photographier que trois genres de personnages: ceux que j’admire, ceux que j’aime et ceux que je déteste.’ (I can only photograph three types of characters: those who I admire, those who I love, and those who I detest.)

Karl Lagerfeld by Helmut Newton, 1976

Salvador Dali by Helmut Newton

Elizabeth Taylor by Helmut Newton, 1985

Leni Riefenstahl by Helmut Newton, 2000

My favourite quote by Helmut Newton: ‘I photograph the people I love and admire, the infamous and especially the infamous.’

The way he has pictured the woman body might seem scandalous or at least erotic, but Helmut Newton always looked for the interesting in a photo and even a bit of bad taste which he simply considers the opposite of normality.

‘Je suis très attiré par le mauvais goût, plus excitant que le prétendu bon goût, qui n’est que la normalisation du regard. Les mouvements sado-maso, par exemple, me paraissent toujours très intéressants.’

Newton’s style as defined by Karl Lagerfeld is picturing ‘the type of woman politically incorrect, that the whole world still copies nowadays in fashion’.
They are liberated women who take full responsibility for the freedom of their bodies, timeless and unclassifiable, open to all fantasies. They are rich women, who have conquered the world and its money, and luxuriate in refinement, from evening gowns to bed. Luxe, classe et volupté could be the motto of the Newtonian woman.


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