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Opera Art Gallery, Santorini. About white & blue infinity

Probably my favourite place in the world, the land of tranquility, infinite white landscapes and endless blue sea. Island of Santorini is an inspiration to many artists, some arrested forever by the amazing views and dedicated to its beauty, translated into their art works.
Mariusz Stokowiec is a Polish artist who settled on the island since 1988, for its stunning beauty and volcanic energy. You can meet him on your trip to Oia in his beautiful white gallery overlooking the Caldera. The experience of entering into his gallery is like a dream, the shiny white floors, the impecable white walls focus your attention completely on his paintings which celebrate delicate lights and shapes of the island.

Mariusz Stokowiec work, presented in the gallery at the moment, portrays the stunning Santorini views and landscapes that make the island unique. Using oil, acrylic, and watercolour, the artist manages to recreate the effect of light reflected off the whitewashed surfaces and the sea. His choice of subjects make his paintings feel familiar even to a visitor who has spent little time on the island.
source: artist’s page

Mariusz Stokowiec

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