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Pas de deux with the New Year. Watch Baryshnikov & Ana Laguna perform Place

A New Year, a new beginning, the energy seems to shift with just a clock tick when the Earth does one last inch spin into its old cycle and we enter the new calendar year.

And while it happens each year every year, and the next following days we’re back doing the same things all over again, there is an euphoria possessing all of us starting on New Year’s Eve and continuing for another couple of days, when we wake up from hung over or simply recover from dance-all-night fatigue.

I myself have a feeling of relief each time I raise my champagne glass at midnight promising myself to try harder, to love better, to dance more and be happier the following year. And everything for a few hours or a few days actually feels new and we get fresh hopes and bigger dreams for the year to come.
So let’s keep dancing and spread the magic all year round! And if contemporary Russian Dance God Baryshnikov and legendary Spanish dancer Ana Laguna can’t inspire you to try, than nobody else can.

Baryshnikov_Ana Laguna NOWNESS recently revealed Jonas Åkerlund director’s cut film of transcendent pas de deux ‘Place’, a delicate stage work dedicated by the Stockholm-based choreographer and director Mats Ek to his wife and muse Ana Laguna.

I bow myself to you my fellow readers and the beautiful living creatures dedicating your limbs in the right endeavor to the art of dance.
Have a wonderful 2015! And enjoy!

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