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Swings, white curtains, and pigeons

Art should be fun,  engaging and elevating. And that’s certainly what artist Ann Hamilton has put into her art installation, ‘the event of a thread‘, literally.

‘Hamilton’s installation will draw together human actions – including speaking, singing, reading and writing — with the poetic potential of physical forces, such as velocity, time, and sound,’ wrote Kristy Edmunds, Consulting Artistic Director at the Armory.

‘the event of a thread’ is displayed in New York at  Park Avenue Armory, until January 6, 2013, and is meant to be a multisensory experience: readings, music, swings that invite visitors to connect to the action of each other and the work itself.

Ann Hamilton is a visual artist internationally recognized for the sensory surrounds of her large scale, multi-media installations. Responsive to the contingencies of the sites where they are made – cloth, texts spoken and written, animals, and people suspended or in motion – her installations immerse viewers in a poetic at once visceral and literary.

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