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The White One and The Big Blue

You know how obsessions tend to connect in your daily life all the time, like when you love an art piece and you start seeing it in every detail around you, or when you fall in love with color blue, for example, and  everything in the store that looks good is suddenly blue. How about when you discover this absolutely amazing, out of this world movie, which of course is about your life obsession,- the ocean and swimming with the whales, or dolphins in this case.

I don’t know how many of you have had the chance to watch ‘The Big Blue’/’Le grand bleu’,  an amazing story directed by Luc Besson back in 1988, about the seduction of the sea, swimming with the most  intelligent sea creatures and connecting to the deep so strongly that you actually decide to remain there. The images of the endless sea, the shimmering waves, the obsessive call of the deep, the unearthly look of  , who’s character almost seems related to the dolphins.

The Big Blue-Le Grand Bleu_1988The Big Blue-Le Grand Bleu_1988

I fell in love indefinitely with these beautiful creatures. But today I accidentally discovered these fascinating pictures of ‘the white one’, the Beluga whale, who shares the same playful character like the dolphins and actually looks alike. I think that the images are beyond words.

The White One_Beluga Whale

The White One_Beluga Whale

You can read more about the Beluga whale here and to all the true lovers of the sea, I recommend the movie ‘The Big Blue’, available to watch here.

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