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The World Outside My Window and Gravity

It might sound weird, but I must admit I am terrified by space. Simply watching the stars on a clear pitch black sky gives me shivers, thinking of the deep expanse of space we could all fall into if it weren’t for Gravity. I can’t explain the sense of fear, but I knew I had it since first time I visited the planetarium as a child.

So imagine the challenge of watching ‘Gravity’, a virtual reality directed by Alfonso Cuarón, in such an impossible technical precision you can actually feel the deafening silence and anxiety, being pulled into an infinite ether, far from the beautiful Earth, with no up or down.


And if you have no clue what I’m talking about, I recommend you watch ‘Gravity’, if not for the experience I just tried to describe, at least for the novelty of a thriller consisting of one character (Sandra Bullock) lost in space, where the mere action takes place in an immensity of indefinite space, even though the mind knows that none actually exists.

The beauty of the Earth seen from afar and the paralyzing experience of being above the atmosphere in such an unfamiliar space is not at all strange to the real astronauts who take that ride into outer space and watch the blue planet from their window on their expeditions on the International Space Station.


The video called The World Outside My Window is made up of stills taken from the space station during three expeditions between September 2011 and July 2012. The ISS orbits Earth at a speed of five miles per second, 240 miles above our planet’s surface. The final frames show astronaut Don Pettit, suspended upside down at work on the ISS

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