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Tom Ford – the vision of a perfectionist

You’ve probably all seen it by now, but just like observing a great visionary man, everytime I watch the documentary about Tom Ford- ‘Visionaries, Inside A Creative Mind’ I always remember one more quote which makes so much sense and describes the perfect state, feeling or moment, just like in the: …moments when it’s sort of like everything is frozen and everything is absolutely clear and you can feel rather than think.

When you start to design your own company you have to look inside yourself and say ‘well, what am I about?’

Dressing up makes you feel better about yourself, it’s like an enhanced version of you.

Fashion for me is not just clothes. It can be a mirror of where we are culturally at a moment in time. Or an indicator of where we are going.

Style for me is some one who figures out who they are. What works on them. What they feel good in and develops that. Develops their character. And the outer expression of their character is what is style.

My creative drive is obsessive. Perfection is almost an illness with me.

Perfectionism is something you’re born with.


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