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In each photograph, there is a twist of agony. The agony of truth, which is that part of each subject, each tone, each hue that cannot lie and as such, is displayed, naked, raw, and because it exists as representation, is art.
There is a sense of anguish unspoken within each gentle frame and yet, in the same way, Zeus as a young man calls upon all that view him to love him, there is a naivety of youth and raw pickings that defy convention in each image, each breath of each second recorded for all to see.
Art lives within each image to be redefined, to be without cover or camouflage and to be asserted with each individual mind… an existence unchallenged.
Predrag Pajdic

Predrag Pajdic is a London based artist, curator and writer on contemporary art and culture.
He holds an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a BA in Fashion Design from Central St Martins, London. Pajdic regularly contributes to many international publications, the most recently including Yatzer, Client, Husk, Out There, Tush, and Novembre.

Here is a glimpse of his amazing work:

His latest project, Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks. The Book, challenges current trends and rewards the time taken to peruse the images and read the texts as it celebrates the loveliness in everyone, at all ages, gender, style, type and appearance.
Featuring 100 images by Predrag Pajdic
And the text by J. L. Nash
Hard cover, 120 pages on sateen paper, printed in Portugal
Published by The Pandorian, London
Designed by Wrong Design, Porto
Coming out at the beginning of October 2012

If you wish to support this project and help publish and own a copy
of the book please donate whatever you can through the support campaign.

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